Friday, July 22, 2005

Sushi Koh

The same friend that took me to Honolulu Country Club wanted to go to Sushi Koh before he headed back to Italy. He and I have eaten many times here and we both love it. Yoshi serves up some great aburi and he always has Engawa (縁側; Flounder skirt meat). This time we went we had our usuals but I had something that we never had before, Hirame Kimo (平目肝, Flounder liver). This was awesome. I love kimo so I when he asked if we wanted to try it I quickly said “YES!” Very rich stuff but balances well with the negi and the shari. Sorry for the quality of the pic, it’s a bit blurry.

Here is a pic of one of my new loves, Mirugai (海松貝; Geoduck clam).

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Sushi @ Honolulu Country Club

Recently my friend was back in town and he has an uncle who is a sushi chef at the Honolulu Country Club. He suggested that we go visit him and who am I to object to such a suggestion. This was my first visit to the Honolulu Country Club in quite some time and I was curious to see how sushi at a “country club” could be.

We were served a appetizer of Mirugai (海松貝; Geoduck clam). It was served chopped into cubes with a ponzu style sauce with a hint of mirin.

My friend’s uncle asked what we would like to have first and we both answered “ENGAWA!” Yum!

Next up was Hirame (平目; Flounder).

My friend’s uncle then brought us out a Hamachi Kama (鰤鎌; Yellowtail collar).

He then served us Ika (烏賊; Squid).

And lastly we had Mirugai (海松貝; Geoduck clam).

Everything that night was good especially since I was a bit apprehensive about eating sushi at a “country club”. I’d like to thank my friend for treating me to that delicious meal of sushi and I would like to thank his uncle for his hospitality. Check out my friend’s uncle, John Noboru Yamao @ Honolulu Country Club and tell him that Jupiter sent you.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Ginza Kimuraya

Well I finally visited one of the places that are on my list of places to (re)visit. My friends and I had just eaten at Taishoken for lunch and after some shopping and such we were looking for somewhere to eat for dinner. We were in the area so we decided to eat at Ginza Kimuraya Kahala Mall (across of Chili’s).

I ordered the Beef Steak a la Moromi. Their menu describes it as “Marinated beef steak with special Moromi (unrefined soy sauce).” This is what I ordered the first time I visited here and I liked it enough to order it again. As you can see from recent posts I love a good steak and for the money this is good. The Moromi adds a nice smoky shoyu flavor to the tender steak. This is served with a side of steamed vegetables, house bread and a choice of soup or salad. I chose the salad and it was meh, but at least it wasn’t smothered with too much unhealthy salad dressing as they do at most places.

My friend ordered the Salmon Misoyaki. He didn’t really care for this. I tried this also and it wasn’t that flavorful.

And my other friend ordered the Ahi Steak & Salad. He really liked this and so did I. The Ahi was seasoned and pan fried to perfection...very flavorful and very juicy.

Afterwards I bought some garlic loaf and some other French bread that I don't remember the name of, but they were very good. Even though my friend's salmon wasn't that great I would recommend coming here for lunch or dinner. Their breads are very good and all their dishes use high quality and fresh ingredients. They also have a bar with beer on tap and many wines to choose from.