Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Yakiniku Zipper Pull

Wow. This is not exactly food, but this is definitely food related. Over in Japan, there is a company that has produced yakiniku zipper pulls. Check it out at Tokyomango.

12 yrs. of Veggies

Today I read about a 12 year vegetarian breaking her vows and starting to eat meat again on IHEARTBACON.com. Check the pics of her 30 days of pork on Flickr.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Burger Bar @ The Mandalay Bay Resort

On our third night, while we were strolling about Vegas, my sister called me to remind me about the Burger Bar @ The Mandalay Bay Resort. She had previously told me that I had to check this place out and that they have a Kobe beef burger with shaved black truffles and foie gras. After hearing that I was like, "WOW, I do have to check it out"!

Since it was about that time to eat, we all headed toward The Mandalay Bay Resort. As we eyed over our menus I caught sight of the Kobe/truffle/foie gras burger. But, ouch, it was $60. So this is what I came up with as a nice compromise.


I made a custom burger consisting of a Wyoming buffalo patty, whole wheat bun, mozzarella, pan seared foie gras, black Perigord truffle sauce with a side of sweet potato fries. I chose the buffalo meat, because I though the leanness would go well with the milky mozzarella, rich foie gras and the truffle sauce. And by using the truffle sauce you still get the truffle flavor without having to pay for the actual truffle price. So instead of paying $60, mine was $36.55 including the sweet potato fries. Oh and it was a good call. The combination of flavors were just right. It wasn't too rich. The lean buffalo matched well with the buttery foie gras and creamy mozzarealla. And to top it off, the truffle sauce took it to that next level. The sweet potato fries were a hit too. I enjoyed them and so did my friends.


Among the other things we ordered was a Wyoming buffalo patty, whole wheat bun, "Sin City Beer" caramelized onions, marinated anchovies, mozzarella custom burger with a side of buttermilk onion rings. I had a bite of this and it was good. I should have stuffed one of the onion rings in and it would have been a winner.


Surf & Turf Burger - Black Angus patty, plain bun, grilled half lobster, grilled green asparagus with a side of french fries. I had a bite of this also and I thought that lobster, while being very good, doesn't really match being eaten with hamburger in the same mouthful. Lobster has too delicate of a taste to be muddled with the bold flavors of Angus beef and the likes.

I do recommend going here if you like your burgers, because they sure have a great selection of them. Being able to custom make a burger is great too. Also try the buttermilk zucchini fries and let me know how they are. If you want to see a menu click here (it's a bit outdated though).

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The Buffet @ The Bellagio Hotel

On our second night we went to a buffet. But not just any old buffet. We visited The Buffet, at The Bellagio Hotel.

The best thing about buffets are that when you are hungry, you don't have to wait for your food to be ordered and prepared, you can just go up and dig in. And boy were we hungry. One "problem" with this buffet was that there was much food to choose from. A lot of food. Ok it's not a real problem, but when you're hungry and you're just interested in getting back to your table to partake in your bounty, you don't want to be weighed down with sooo many choices. Hehe.

The choices are many. You got your seafood, meats, breads, pasta, salads, sushi, blah blah, dessert, etc. The list is long. Here are some of items from the buffet that we ate:

Bay Scallop Ceviche, Kobe Beef Sirloin, Rack of Lamb, Beef Wellington, Sake Nigiri and Maguro Nigiri.


Steak Tartare, Spicy Tuna Roll, Sake Nigiri and Maguro Nigiri.


Smoked Salmon, Rack of Lamb and Cocktail Shrimp.


King Crab Legs.


We ate at The Buffet on a Saturday and the price was $34.95 + tax per person. I heard that it is cheaper on weekdays. I dunno for sure though. I also read about a trick where you go and pay the lunch price about half an hour before dinner prices start and hang out until they bring out the dinner items. Voila, you get dinner buffet for lunch buffet prices. Next time I will have to try that. At any rate this was not bad for the money, but bring a hearty appetite so you can get your moneys worth.