Wednesday, January 31, 2007

More Japan Bounty

Here is some more of the things I brought back from Japan.

For you lovers of Natto, I found a gatcha gatcha (capsule toy dispenser) that had Okame Natto charms. I bought 4 and got 4 different ones. There are a total of 8. What's even cooler about these is the fact that they have plastic natto beans, tare (shoyu based seasoning) packet, karashi (mustard) packet and an Okame face inside. You can see them in the second picture below. Apparently you can purchase them online through J-list.

Then at another spot I found a gatcha gatcha with charms of various dissected things. Mainly they had animals, but they had this Maguro (Tuna) one. I so had to have it and on my first and only try I got it. Yes!

From left to right: At Mujirushi, which is apparently is coming to America, I found some Goya chips. I picked up a 99% cocoa chocolate bar, which I am sure is crazy bitter. Lastly is a bag of Unagi bone senbei.

Recently I have been watching Dotch New Cooking Show and on one episode which put Shio Ramen (Salt Based Broth) up against Shoyu Ramen, they used Kuro Mame Shoyu (Black Bean Soy Sauce). That got my curiosity piqued, so I purchased a bottle to bring back home.

When I get to taste the Kuro Mame Shoyu I will hopefully post up a report of it.


Monday, January 29, 2007

Some Japan Bounty

One cup sake sampler.

Current limited edition Kit-Kat's.