Monday, February 14, 2005

Maccha (抹茶; Green Tea) & Pocky

Whoa.....been pretty busy since I came back from Japan. Cleaning house, cleaning yard, cleaning cars, working on computers, etc. I will try to start getting the pictures from Japan up soon. Btw it was an awesome vacation as always. :o)

Well for now here are some pictures of some sweets I brought back.

抹茶 (Maccha; Green Tea) Mousse Pocky, 抹茶 (Maccha; Green Tea) Meltykiss and 抹茶 (Maccha; Green Tea) KitKat.

つぶ苺 (Tsubu Ichigo; Bits of Strawberry) Pocky, あずき (Azuki; Red Bean) Mousse Pocky and 抹茶 (Maccha; Green Tea) Mousse Pocky.