Friday, March 18, 2005


Ponpoko is an izakaya in the town where many of my family live. I first went there a few years ago and have been going every time I visit Japan since then. I like it because of its proximity, atmosphere and of course, food. It is a couple blocks away from my aunty and uncle’s house where I usually stay and because of this proximity I can eat and drink until my heart’s content and not have to worry about how I am getting home.

For those that don’t know what an izakaya is check out this thread @

The following pictures are what my friend's and I had during two visits to Ponpoko during our trip in January.

Saba Sashimi (鯖刺身; Mackerel), Aji Sashimi - Ikezukuri (鯵刺身活け作り; Horse Mackerel),

Shirako (白子; Sperm Sac), Shirako (白子; Sperm Sac),

Kujira Tatsuta Age (くじら竜田揚; Fried Whale), Kujira Sashimi (くじら刺身; Whale),

Maguro No Butsu Kiri (鮪のぶつ切; Block Cut Tuna), Ponpoko Kohada Special (ぽんぽ こ小鰭 スペシャル; Gizzard Shad),

Ponpoko Sushi Special (ぽんぽこ 寿司 スペシャル), Karei Karaage (鰈空揚; Fried Flounder),

Fugu Sashimi (河豚刺身; Blowfish), Liver Sashimi (レバー刺身; Beef),

Ama Ebi (甘海老; Sweet Shrimp), Ika No Shiokara (イカの塩辛; Squid),

and Basashi (馬刺; Horse).

Everything we had was good except for the basashi. I have had fresh basashi and it is very good. The basashi we had was of the frozen type and was not as good. This was my first time having shirako. I have always seen it on shows like Burari or Iitabi but didn't try it until this year. It is pretty good. Not as rich as I thought it was going to be. Also I don't know what type of fish this shirako was from.

Ponpoko also has your usual assortment of shochu cocktails, beers, and sake.

If you are ever in the Kanazawa-Hakkei area, check this place out. I am sure you’ll like it. And be sure to go early because it fills up fast. The place seats approximately 23.


At Friday, March 18, 2005 at 3:02:00 AM GMT-10, Blogger chaddy said...

That food looks sooo good. Damnit, I miss japanese food. The food here in Italy is good but I need some "home" cookin!


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