Monday, January 10, 2005

Oven-fried Potato Chips Recipe Redux

Ok so I finally got around to making the oh so delicious yet simple recipe for Oven-fried Potato Chips that I seen @ Simply Recipes. I made mines a bit different from how she makes hers. I soaked the sliced potatoes in a sugar and water solution a good hour or two before patting them dry. I have heard somewhere that McDonalds does the same to their fries. I'll have to make some without the soaking step to see if it enhanced the flavor any. I also substituted the butter with E.V.O.O. (Garlic and Black Peppercorn Infused Olive Oil). I seasoned the chips with crushed Hawaiian Rock Salt. On one of the batches I tossed in some finely chopped garlic. The garlic one is definitely the winner combo.

I made this for some friends and it was an instant hit. I will be making these many more times in the future for sure.


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