Thursday, December 09, 2004

Hiroshi Eurasion Tapas (Visited on 11/30)

A few friends and I went to Hiroshi's new restaurant located @ Restaurant Row where Sansei Seafood Restaurant & Sushi Bar used to occupy. The food was excellent and the wine was very good. Master sommelier Chuck Furuya was on hand to recommend what wines would complement our meal.

We started off with the sizzling moi carpaccio and the white truffle panna cotta. What made the carpaccio "sizzling" was that it was topped with hot peanut oil. It was garnished with micro greens drizzled with truffle oil, shredded daikon, tomato chunks and cubes of tofu. This was all sitting in a ponzu sauce. If you have never had moi sashimi or moi "carpaccio", you need to try it. Moi is a very tasty fish cooked, but even tastier raw. The panna cotta had a lobster medallion and prawn topping it.

Next up was a double order of seared sea scallops and foie gras nigiri. The scallops were cooked perfectly and were very sweet. Topped with tobiko and sitting in a cream based sauce they were very good. According to Nadine Kam the sauce is a bacon takana ragout. The foie gras was very good also. The foie gras was drizzled with a unagi style tare.

Following the scallops and foie gras was a double order of the bacon wrapped jumbo prawns and kanpachi sashimi. The prawns were pretty standard fare. The kanpachi was fresh and tasty. It had a "Fukui" salsa of sorts on top, much of the flavors coming from the chopped Kalamanta olives and the chopped wasabi infused takuan.

Finally we had maguro nigiri and sake nigiri. The maguro was topped with a "cold ginger chicken" type of sauce. The sake was miso baked and topped with pickled ginger. Both nigiris were good but they have nothing on the better sushi restaurants in Hawaii. For dessert we had a flourless chocolate cake and a maccha creme brule. I didn't take any pictures of the creme brule because I am not a fan of creme brule, but after having this one I have to reconsider that stance. The creme brules that I have had previously were not too rich, sugary and custardy. This one was rich, creamy with the maccha giving it a very exotic flavor. Very good. I am a big dark/bitter chocolate lover and the cake was a winner. I didn't even touch the ice cream. I just indulged in the chocolate cake.

Somewhere in between all that we also had the shrimp chawanmushi, "bagged" moi and the Kona cold lobster tail. In my excitement to eat I forgot to take pictures of these. Also, I am writing this all from memory, so if there are any errors please point them out. In the future I will take notes so I can write a more accurate review.


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