Friday, April 15, 2005

New Combo Menu @ Taishoken

About a month ago Taishoken started offering a bunch of new combo dishes. For $6.95 you get your choice of: chicken katsu, pork katsu, croquette, gyoza or fried chicken which comes with a small bowl of rice, tsukemono (漬物; Pickled vegetables) and small shoyu ramen (miso+50¢).

This is a pretty good deal considering the other two combos they have are nearly two dollars more for either. So I tried the tonkatsu (豚カツ; Pork cutlet) combo twice and have decided that I will never order it again. The reason being is that the ramen, compared to the tsukemen, is served way hotter and I can't eat it right away. By the time I am able to eat it, the noodles are soft, which I can't stand. Also the miso broth isn't the same as the tsukemen miso broth. I could taste the difference each time I had it. I asked our waiter and he confirmed that they were indeed different. He said that they add a bit of vinegar to the tsukemen miso broth and what a difference it makes. I had the miso tsukemen last time and it was good to be back. So much so that after I finished my regular size noodles I upgraded it to a large order which is twice the amount of noodles as the regular order.

Now if they offered these combos with tsukemen as an option I would get a tonkatsu miso tsukemen combo every time but until then I will be ordering my favorite miso tsukemen.

Here are some pictures of the croquette and tonkatsu combos just to give you an idea of the portions. The meal as a whole is pretty filling considering the “choice” is pretty small.


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