Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Welp I am on the road again for work. I was in Santa Monica last week. That was nice. I had sushi a couple nights, ate some korean food in ktown LA, almost had pho one late night (a long story), finally had an animal style burger from In-N-Out Burger and ate at a Japanese izakaya and yakiniku place in Gardena.

Now I am in Knoxville, TN. Interestingly a co-worker told me of a Japanese restaurant/sushi bar run by a Japan native. The place is called Gohan-ya and I found it's address and pictures of it on this fellow blogger's site. I visited there and had some sushi and took out an order of tekka-don and oyako-don. The place wasn't bad for TN but by far doesn't compare to what you can get in Hawaii. Which in turn, of course, doesn't compare to Japan. But I digress. Anyways here are some pics for you to digest.

Sorry about the crappy sushi pics. I forgot my camera when I visited so I only had my cell cam.

Although Gohan-ya is mediocre when you compare it to where I am from I wouldn't hesitate to visit it again when I am next in Knoxville and have a hunger for Japanese food.


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